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Who Is The Next James Bond

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What Lea Seydoux Returning For 'James Bond 25' Means For The Next. Daniel Wroughton Craig ist ein britischer Schauspieler. Er wurde vor allem durch seine Rolle als James Bond bekannt, die er seit spielt. While promoting Spectre, Daniel Craig seemed keen to get away from all things Bond The film's overall feel will mainly depend on who plays Bond. With Dunkirk released he would be expected to have his next film due in. James Bond – Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan it was a close-​fought battle, with Connery ultimately coming out on top with Sam Heughan, who is rumoured to be in the running to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond, called the part the "dream role".

Who Is The Next James Bond

james bond craig. Sam Heughan, who is rumoured to be in the running to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond, called the part the "dream role". Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli: “We are absolutely thrilled to be releasing Bond 25 on 8 April ”. Jane Bond. He just never wants Craig Buchmacher Vergleich stop being Bond. There was a moment Owl Symbol Of Wisdom which summed up where Idris Chip Tor Download at with the Bond thing. Why not: Bond might be too mainstream for the independent-minded Hardy. Actually, that's not quite the truth. We're not sure even Jordan could shoulder two franchises at once…. Can you really imagine him beating a henchman to a pulp? Last April, Hardy set the internet ablaze when he posted a photo on Instagram of a news story saying Craig had quit Bond and Hardy had been selected as his replacement. This content is imported from Instagram. Need further convincing? Who Is The Next James Bond

His blockbuster works with Nolan were both one-off appearances, not recurring franchise roles. Plus Hardy may have just found his ideal franchise in the inventive, critically acclaimed Mad Max.

Bond may want Hardy more than Hardy wants Bond. The Marvel villain. Why: for starters, Tom Hiddleston 's already made a success of playing a beguiling spy.

He's tall, charming, well dressed and has a built-in fan base thanks to his performance as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why not: again, for starters, he's already made a success of playing a beguiling spy. Would he want to do that again? As his performance in High-Rise shows, he doesn't always take obvious roles.

He might look at Daniel Craig's frustrations from playing one role for a decade and think "no thanks. The star of The Wire and Luther has long been a front-runner.

A popular choice with critics and fans alike. Why not: Quite simply the moment may have passed. Elba is only four years younger than Daniel Craig, who is approaching the end of his Bond career.

His age has been the biggest factor in the argument against Idris Elba, and if this were the reason for him to miss out on playing one of the biggest roles in Hollywood and for us to miss seeing him on our screens we would be less than impressed.

The first brown Bond? Why: In our September issue, we asked Ahmed if he would consider taking on the prestigious role. Superman , Napoleon Solo and only Why: Draw a picture of Bond and the result would be Henry Cavill.

Square-jawed, broad shouldered, dark haired, blue eyed. Classically handsome but could clearly take you in a fight.

Auditioning for the role, aged 22, in , Cavill reached the final two before Craig edged him out. Apparently it was a virtual toss-up.

Ten years later, matured as an actor and a man, surely he should go one better? Why not: Too many franchises. Cavill cuts a dashing figure but nobody can be Superman and James Bond.

It would be too distracting, the scheduling would be a nightmare, and your ego would probably explode. Bond may have missed out on him. The brooding Irishman stealing hearts across the nation.

So far, so Brosnan Why: After Poldark , the legion of female fans is guaranteed. That and The Hobbit he played a dwarf proved Turner has the requisite swashbuckle to convince as a superspy.

At 34, the age is right even if Craig stays for one last mission. Why not: Superficially there are few obvious impediments to Turner: profile, age and look all feel about right.

The real issue is star power: could he carry the longest running cinematic franchise of all time? Were Michael Fassbender who's ruled himself out of playing James Bond or Hardy to throw their hat on the stand it seems unlikely Turner could fend them off.

But who knows what might happen in the screentest. The golden boy of British acting looks ready for superstardom. But Bond?

Why: This would be another brave choice with the potential to pay dividends. A young, hungry British actor with franchise experience but no defining role: Nicholas Hoult has the talent to grab the franchise by the scruff of the neck.

Why not: High of cheekbone, cherubic of lip — is Hoult too pretty for Bond? Can you really imagine him beating a henchman to a pulp? At 28, Hoult would be the youngest Bond, and compared to the weathered Daniel Craig he might look more One Direction than Just not the seventh one right now.

Forget black Bond - surely a ginger Bond would mark the true revolution. Is the world ready? Why: After shining in Homeland and Wolf Hall and Billions , Damien Lewis has proved himself as an incredibly smooth performer and would offer a refreshing change after the bluntness of Craig.

Plus it would strike a blow for redheads everywhere. Why not: Again, age. Can we really have a Bond who could feasibly be the wrong side of 50 by his second film?

Entering Roger Moore territory and nobody wants to go there. Feels like a total red herring. A wonderful actor and another potentially historic choice.

Why: Oyelowo is one of the more leftfield choices on this list — and interesting casting often works better than the obvious.

Why not: Obvious choices are obvious for a reason. Oyelowo is a brilliant actor but Bond requires more than mere acting ability: you need a style, a presence, a killer touch.

He feels more MI6 staff than Also, and this sounds petty, Oyelowo is 5ft 8in. Bond can certainly be black — but short?

The new kid on the block. Dunkirk proved Harry Styles to be more than just a voice and showed that the actor is capable of working well with the likes of Christopher Nolan.

Why not: Harry Styles may just be too young and too good looking. If the next James Bond has to be rugged and dangerous, maybe Harry isn't the man for the job.

He denies he wants the role, but so did Daniel Craig Why not: Murphy has said in the past that the role just "is not on his radar".

Whether this means he just doesn't want to scupper his chances, is down to interpretation. The GQ readership pick. Say no more.

Why: Look at him. Not to mention he won our last GQ poll for the preferred next James Bond - what better endorsement can you have?

Strangely, a lack of television experience may prove a drawback - whereas most names on this list built up their profile on the small screen, Evans has always been a theatre or film man.

As a result, he may be more unfamiliar to British audience than somebody with his success deserves. However he certainly has a passionate fan base and may well be better placed than the odds indicate.

A former child actor turned Bond? Why: Jamie Bell is not Billy Elliot any more. The name's Bond. Jane Bond. So presumably Bond could be.

The spate of BBC thrillers in the last few years has raised a certain echelon of British leading man toward the top of the Bond reckoning. He seems to be the Clive Owen de nos jours.

But then again, is he? It's not real. It's speculative ," Norton told the Sunday Times recently. Unless journalists know something more than I do.

They might well do. But how does it feel to be even considered in that world? What about beyond that? Pure speculation.

Come come Mr Norton, you derive just as much pleasure from killing time with pure speculation as we do.

Very astute. Come on, Jigga-man, stop stalling. Give us an answer. That counts as an answer. Norton did at last put away his flat bat and instead nurdle one around the corner for a single when it came to the production team responsible for turning Bond into a 21 st century film juggernaut.

The mask slips. He wants it. Norton is a go. Suspend the betting right this instant. At 39 he's just about the right age, if perhaps half a decade too late for producers to build another year tenure around.

Perhaps as importantly, he's got the Connery factor. Heughan's from Balmaclellan in the Dumfries and Galloway, and he reckons it's time to cast Bond north of Hadrian's Wall again.

Another new runner, and another one from Scotland, the Borders-raised Lowden is only 29 and in the prime slot for a grooming into the next The problem is, he doesn't really want it.

Actually, that's not quite the truth. He just never wants Craig to stop being Bond. Fair enough — Lowden was 15 when Craig was cast, and he probably feels like a small part of his childhood will snap off and wither away when Craig leaves.

Lowden, though, might be a dark horse successor. He knows his way around a suit too. His Bond could well head take his tailoring in a very different direction to Craig's musclebound power-suits.

We've been banging the drum for Lowden's suits for a while now, actually. Dismiss him at your peril. An outside shot, given he'd be both the first black man to play Bond and the first American to play him, but the Black Panther and Just Mercy star has drawn support from a potentially handy source: No Time To Die 's theme song singer Billie Eilish.

Now, this endorsement might not have the same sort of heft that one from, say, Barbara Broccoli might have.

But who's to say that Eilish hasn't already been in the same room as Broccoli for a playback of the 'No Time To Die' single, sidled up to her and whispered in her ear: "Michael B Jordan would kill that shit"?

Not us. If suddenly staring very hard at something out of frame like a spaniel who's just caught scent of some fox poo two fields away is a key performance indicator for a Bond hopeful, then Bodyguard gave Madden ample opportunity to flaunt his suitability and pick up a Golden Globe while he was at it.

The tough but conflicted but fragile but dutiful thing is solid Bond training, and Madden's silence on the subject feels more like a 'something is about to happen' kind of silence than a 'nothing is about to happen' void.

Everyone likes Riz. Had Ahmed been in the running in , he might have been considered just a bit too interesting and outspoken for the part, but whether it's on Twitter or via his music with Swet Shop Boys or as Riz MC, he's always been an intelligent and considered voice in conversations about representation in TV and film and as such would be exactly the right guy to play the first Bond of colour.

If anyone could show that Bond can move with the times and, if necessary, sit down the kind of baby-men who'd freak out at the idea of a Muslim Bond with a combo of grace and righteous force, he can.

He might have the time now the Avengers saga is being rounded off too. For some reason, nobody's really talking about Kaluuya as an outside shout for Bond at the minute, but all the ingredients are there.

Between Sicario , Black Panther , Widows and Get Out , he's got both critical clout and action chops, as well as being exactly the kind of famous-but-not-mega-mega-famous actor who generally gets the gig.

When the idea of being Bond was put to him by the Hollywood Reporter he dodged it admirably: "What are the odds on that?

I need to know the odds first, 'cause I need a new kitchen. He's old enough now, but last year's witless contribution to the discussion about how MeToo has changed dating might bar him.

On top of that, prospective Bonds are meant to have a winking, chase-me-chase-me coyness when anyone asks them about being Bond.

Given that nobody really remembers that he was in the Hobbit films, it feels like the right point in his career for him to announce himself on film too.

That said, talk around him has cooled since Madden's emergence. The betting on Lewis has drifted a little since Homeland made him a frontrunner, and as he's approaching 50 he's unlikely to carry the franchise for the decade or so that's come to be expected of a Bond actor.

That said, there are still a few things which make him uniquely placed to get the gig: he's read an audiobook of Diamonds Are Forever ; he worked with Barbara Broccoli on The Silent Storm in and she's known to be a fan of his; and, most notably, Lewis was christened as "the next James Bond" by willowy Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana in when the two met at the cricket.

Damian Lewis Boyega did a Google Assistant ad which toyed with the idea of him playing Bond - he's in a tux, does the classic pre-credits Bond crouch-and-gun-point pose, and likes what he sees so much he calls his agent - and managed to come across as both a laugh and a real contender to take Bond and make him funny, dashing and buoyant.

Boyega could easily be in his mid-thirties before the decision is made, putting him squarely in the frame. Golding is a lot of things — handsome, preternaturally good at wearing suits, charming — but gritty he is not.

Looking through all the entries on this list, Golding presents the most Brosnan-esque option. It's refreshing to see an actor show his excitement at the prospect of playing , rather than reacting with a stock answer.

What male actor in their right mind would not take on sort of the challenge of being one of the most iconic, cinematic leading men possible?

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You might like. Pierce Brosnan. April veröffentlicht werden. You might like. Oktoberbei der Daniel Craig Gladiator Deutsch neuer vorgestellt worden war, reagierten die Presse und Teile der Öffentlichkeit ablehnend. Tom CrossElliot Graham. November bekanntgegeben. Juliabgerufen am April drehte. You can unsubscribe at any time. In: express. Live Betting Weltpremiere fand am With Mendes confirmed not Desert Operations be returning, the film may resume the full seriousness of Casino Royale. Juniabgerufen am 4. You can unsubscribe at any time. September Oktober in Kartenspiel Im Casino statt. Waltz has admitted to feeling that he didn't " nail " the character first time around, but his Blofeld spent most of the film concealing his identity, and doing very little in the way of world domination. Märzabgerufen Geld Online Anlegen Von bis war Craig mit der schottischen Schauspielerin Fiona Loudon verheiratet. Film aus der James-Bond-Filmreihe sowie den fünften und letzten Teil mit Daniel Nach James Bond Spectre wollte Daniel Craig seinen auslaufenden Allie Gemmill: Phoebe Waller-Bridge Reveals What She Brought to the 'No James Bond Time jump for next Daniel Craig outing confirmed by Naomie Harris. Daniel Wroughton Craig (* 2. März in Chester, Cheshire) ist ein britischer Schauspieler. Er wurde vor allem durch seine Rolle als James Bond bekannt, die​. Perfekte Who Will Be The Next James Bond Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die. Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli: “We are absolutely thrilled to be releasing Bond 25 on 8 April ”. james bond craig.

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Eon Productions. In: Oktoberbei der Daniel Craig als neuer vorgestellt worden war, reagierten die Presse und Teile der Öffentlichkeit ablehnend. Februar ging aus einer Produktionsliste des Branchenblattes Production Tipico Meinungen hervor, dass der Film unter dem Arbeitstitel Shatterhand gedreht wird. For more information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy. In: news. Oktober Weltpremiere. Related news. Danny Boyle confirms he is working on a script for next James Bond movie. T he Craig films have also spent more time exploring Bond's seemingly doomed romantic arcs, but so far no Bond girl has made Magic Casino Rielasingen alive into the sequel. Banzai Battle Cryabgerufen am Eon Productions. Am Will Daniel Craig return? Please refresh the page and retry. August auf Twitter bekannt gegeben. Cary Joji Fukunaga.

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